Extract the recovery phrase from the Android app Dogecoin Wallet created by langerhans

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This guide will describe how to extract the recovery phrase (12 words) from the Android app Dogecoin Wallet created by langerhans.

You can access your coins in other wallets using the recovery phrase.

The instructions below are written for Windows, but of course can also be executed on Linux or macOS. In that case, the steps can differ a little bit.

If you have questions about, ask way. I'll try to answer them as best as possible.

Writing a guide like this takes time and effort; tips are appreciated.
My Dogecoin address is D8XHuhXtwEUkCQM667YfLUH4qzLUAdUYFw.


1. Extract the recovery phrase

Without making it too technical, a recovery phrase is essentially a human readable form of your wallet's private keys. In this case, it's a 12-word phrase. With these 12 words, you can access your coins in other software, making you less dependant on the Dogecoin Wallet app. And in case you have any issues, you will be able to troubleshoot it outside the app itself.

Never share your recovery phrase with someone else, you will lose all your coins.

1.1 Backup wallet

1.2 Transfer the backup file to your computer

For the next steps you need to transfer the backup file to your computer.

You can do that in a few ways:

I have created a folder called dogecoin on my C: drive and put the backup file there.
So, in my case, the full path of the backup file location is: C:\dogecoin\dogecoin-wallet-backup-2021-12-09-00-25.

1.3 Decrypt the backup file

The next step is to decrypt the backup file, to the contents of it can be accessed.

To decrypt, OpenSSL is needed.
For Windows, a list of OpenSSL binaries can be found here: https://wiki.openssl.org/index.php/Binaries.
I have chosen to use the solution provided by Shining Light Productions - the first in the list.

The next step is to open the decrypted file with a hex editor, to find the 12-word recovery phrase.

1.4 Find the recovery phrase with a hex editor

You now have your recovery phrase, and can import it in other wallets to access your coins.

2. Import the recovery phrase in other apps

This guide will cover 2 methods to recover access to the coins with the recovery phrase.

2.1 Coinomi

Coinomi is available for phones (Android and iOS), and for computers (Linux, macOS and Windows).
Download and install the software from https://www.coinomi.com/en/downloads/.

2.1.1 Coinomi on Android

The steps below are for Android, but I would assume they are more or less the same for iOS.

2.1.2 Coinomi on Windows

The steps below are for Windows, but I assume they are more or less the same for macOS and Linux.

2.2 BIP tool

The BIP39 tool that can extract the private keys that are tied to a recovery phrase.

Every address has a private key, so make sure to get the private keys of all your addresses with a balance.
To see if an address has a balance, you can check the address on a Dogecoin blockchain explorer like Dogechain.info.

The BIP39 tool is an online tool, but it's wiser to never enter a recovery phrase on a website to prevent any possibility of others getting your recovery phrase. So, we will download the BIP39 tool and use it offline. To add some extra safety, we will disconnect from the internet (airplane mode), and run the tool in incognito/private mode.

The BIP39 tool can be found online on https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ (do not use it online!). You can find descriptions for offline usage at the bottom of the page.

If you wish, you can sweep or import your private keys. See below.

2.2.1 Private key redeem

Now you have your private keys, you can redeem them. One way is to sweep the keys, and send the coins to a new address.
To learn how, see this guide: [Guide] How to create and redeem paper wallets!.
Scroll down to until you see '2. Redeeming a paper wallet with Dogechain.info'.

You can also use Coinomi to sweep the private keys.
Another option is to create an account on the Dogechain.info wallet and importing the private keys.

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