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  • Create an account.
  • Remember account details, will be needed during setup of EmuDeck.

  • Create an account.
  • Remember account details, will be needed later to scrape game information (images/text/videos) in EmulationStation.

Steam Deck

Make these changes in Gaming Mode:

  • Do a factory reset of the Steam Deck via Settings.
  • Format the SD card, also via Settings.

Storage folder for the ROMs

  • I will install EmuDeck on my SD card. EmuDeck will automatically create the necessary folders for the ROMs on the SD card.

  • To make life easier, I will store my ROM files on a different device (my NAS), and then copy/paste the files to the SD card of my Steam Deck (instead of storing the files only on my SD card, and not have any backups). I'm calling this folder for my ROMs the RomFolder.

  • ROMs will first be stored in my RomFolder and then be copied over to the SD card.

  • The location of RomFolder on my NAS: smb://

    • This folder will follow the same folder/file structure as EmuDeck has created on my SD card.

  • The default name of my SD card (after the format) is 'primary' and its location is /run/media/mmcblk0p1/.

  • Every folder in my RomFolder that has any ROMs stored, will also contain a shell script that will copy all the ROM files from the RomFolder to the correct folder on my SD card in the Steam Deck.


  • Download EmuDeck from Save the EmuDeck.desktop file on the Desktop.
  • After saving the file, right click it and select 'Properties'. Open the 'Permissions' tab and active/enable Is executable and click on 'OK'.
  • Double clikc EmuDesk.desktop to run it.
  • Konsole will open and all necessary files to install EmuDeck will be downloaded. When everything is downloaded, the EmuDeck installer will start.

In the installer:

  • Select 'Custom Mode' and continue.
  • ROMs will be stored on the SD card, so select 'SD Card' and click continue.
  • Device is 'Steam Deck'. Continue.
  • For now, doing a minimimal install for older consoles (this can be adjusted later by re-executing the EmuDeck installer). Enable: RetroArch and EmulationStation, Continue.
    Edit (2023-02-02): Also enable DuckStation.
  • In the 'Update emulator's configuration', the default selection (all selected) is fine. Continue.
  • Auto Save: on. Continue.
  • RetroAchievements: log in with account. HardCore mode stays disabled. Continue.
  • Game bezels, don't care much. Can leave it on. Continue.
  • Aspect ratio for Classic SEGA Games: 4:3 (original). Continue.
  • Aspect ratio for Super NES: 8:7 (real SNES resolution). Continue.
  • Aspect ratio Classic 3D Games: 4:3 (original). Continue.
  • Aspect ratio GameCube: 4:3 (original). Continue.
  • LCD shader: off. Continue.
  • CRT shader for 2D: off. Continue.
  • CRT shader for 3D: off. Continue.
  • Theme: I like 'Epic Noire'. 'Modern' is also fine. Next.
  • Homebrew games: no. Finish.

Installation will start. Let it finish.


Set up the scraper.

  • Go to: [Menu] → Scraper.
  • Scrape from: Screenscraper.
  • Scrape these systems: select the systems that you want to scrape for.
  • Go to: Account Settings.
  • Enter username and password.
  • That's it. Back, back, back to exit back into the games.