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[SEGA] Mega Drive / Genesis

Console Name

Location Console Name
North America SEGA Genesis
Rest of the world SEGA Mega Drive


BIOS file is stored in /run/media/mmcblk0p1/Emulation/bios/.

File Name File Size Remark MD5
bios_MD.bin 2.0 KiB Optional. d3293ebaaa7f4eb2a6766b68a0fb4609


Gamelist file is stored in /home/deck/.emulationstation/gamelists/megadrive/.

The gamelist file is used by Emulation Station and contains metadata information.

File Name File Size Snapshot Date MD5
gamelist.xml 32.9 KiB 2023-02-06 d46cb06f3944b6d4e3f37600cfedd81b

The gamelist_2023-02-06.xml is attached to this page and can be downloaded.


Pressing the [view] and [menu] button at the same to exit the game and return back to EmulationStation.

Image showing all Steam Deck buttons.


ROMs are stored in: /run/media/mmcblk0p1/Emulation/roms/megadrive/.


Some games have different names in different regions.

Region Code Region Description
JP (Japan) Japanese (NTSC-J) formatted release
NA (North America) North America and other NTSC territories, besides Japan
PAL PAL/SECAM territories: much of Europe, Australia, parts of Asia

The region codes have been used in the lists below.

List of games

These roms have been tested/checked, all work properly.

Open Google Sheets document.

Skipped games

These games work fine, but I chose to skip them as I can't read/understand the language used in the games (Japanese, for example) or because I don't like them.

Open Google Sheets document.


These are game that I have interest in, and will look into later.

Best Puzzle Game - Puyo Puyo, BlockOut, Lemmings
Best Sports Game - Tecmo Super Bowl, NHL 94, Mutant League Football
Best Racing Game - Lotus Series, OutRun, Top Gear 2, Rock N Roll Racing
Best RPG - Sword of Vermillion, Crusader of Centy, Beyond Oasis
Best Shoot'em Up - Eliminate Down, Gleylancer, Thunder Force III
Best Platformer - Sonic 3, Dynamite Headdy, Castle of Illusion, Quackshot
Best Action Game - Earthworm Jim, Rocket Knight Adventures
Best Run n' Gun - Alien Soldier, Target Earth, Adv. Batman & Robin
Beast Beat'em Up - Streets of Rage 3, Splatterhouse 3, Mazin Saga
Best Fighting Game - Fatal Fury 2, Super SF2, Mortal Kombat II
Best Arcade Port - Virtua Racing, Strider, Super Hang-On
Best Sound - Revenge of Shinobi, Castlevania Bloodlines, Streets of Rage
Best Graphics - Red Zone, Toy Story, Pulseman, Lost World, Panorama Cotton

Source: Sega Lord X - The Best of the Best on the Sega Genesis