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Reclaiming Plex server on QNAP after Plex data breach


Plex sent out an email informing about a data breach. Click here to read it.

If you follow the instructions, and select Sign out connected devices after password change. when changing the password, your server will be removed from Plex. You need to reclaim the server. I've read others saying that they can reclaim it via Settings, but no such option existing on my Plex environment.

With some help from other users posting solutions, one worked for me. Below are the instructions. This guide is only for those that the Plex way of claiming via the web interface does not work.


This guide is only for when Plex Media Server is installed via App Center on a QNAP NAS.

  • Log into Then go to You get a code that is valid for 4 minutes, if you need more time than 4 minutes, just reload the page and use the new code. Leave this window open.

  • Enable SSH via Control Panel → Network & File Services → Enable SSH ('Allow SSH connection').

  • Open an SSH connection to your QNAP. On Linux and macOS, you can use the terminal, on Windows you can use Command Prompt.

    • Example:
      ssh username@server.ip.add.ress

  • Enter the following:
    curl -X POST ''

    If your Claim Code is claim-TxXXA3SYXX55XcXXjQt6, you enter the following in Terminal/Command Prompt:
    curl -X POST ''

  • Wait a little bit after entering, after 10 seconds or so you will see stuff appear on your screen. That's it, after this step you should see your Server visible again in Plex (just open it as you usually would, or via

  • And as a last step: Disable SSH on your QNAP!!!
    Control Panel → Network & File Services → uncheck 'Enable SSH'.