Reddcoin bots

Reddcoin Telegram bot

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The Reddcoin bot on Telegram can be used as an online wallet for your Reddcoins. It supports sending, receiving, staking Reddcoin and more. The bot is managed by the Reddcoin developers.

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Telegram is an instant messaging service, much like Line, WeChat and WhatsApp. Telegram is available for your computer (Linux/macOS/Windows) and your smartphone/tablet (Andoid/iOS). Telegram can also run in your browser (after you have created an account on your phone), by visiting

For more info, you can visit the official Telegram website:

For Android, the app is also available on F-Droid. This version has Google Play Services dependencies removed and the app is completely FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). The source code can be found on GitHub.

Accounts on Telegram are tied to a mobile telephone number.

Telegram security

As the wallet is tied to your Telegram account, you can lose your Reddcoins when others get access to your Telegram account. Prevent this by enabling these two security measures via SettingsPasscode Lock and/or Two-Step Verification.

Enabling these security measures are not mandatory, but are heavily recommended.

Reddcoin bot

Telegram allows bots, accounts that are operated by a program. These bots can respond to messages and mentions.

The Reddcoin bot is a bot you can interact with to:

As mentioned earlier, the bot is managed by the Reddcoin developers.

The wallet is linked to your Telegram username. When you change your username, you will not be able to access the RDDs linked to your previous username.

How to use the bot

First, you need to start a conversation with the bot.
You can do that by clicking here: (the username of the bot is Reddcoin_bot).

Send the following text to the bot: /start.
The bot will let you know which commands are at your disposal.

These are the most important commands you can send to the bot:

These commands also exist, but are less important - you can try them out:

Reminder: except for the /rain command, communicate with the bot in private. When you use /balance or /mystakes, for example, in a group, everyone will see the details/balance of your wallet.

The official Reddcoin Telegram group

You can join the official Reddcoin group on Telegram, if you haven't already done so. You can of course do this to chat with other Reddheads, but also to get tipped. Tipping happens regularly in the group, you only need to be active (by writing and sending a message).

The official Reddcoin Telegram group is Click on the link to visit and join the group.

The Reddcoin bot is also active in the official group.